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What days do auction end on?

Auctions end daily, so be sure to check in and stay up to date so you don't miss out on some great products.

Do I have to have an account to place a bid?

Yes, you must create a Jobalots account and ensure you are logged in to place a bid. To apply for a Jobalots account, click HERE. Need more help? Try one of our other FAQs or contact us Here

Can bids be withdrawn?

Unfortunately not. All bids placed on our auctions are binding, so please be certain that all bids are properly reviewed before being placed. When you place a bid on an auction, it is considered a legally binding offer to buy the item at the specifie

How will I know if I have won the auction?

If you've just won an auction, you'll receive an email once the auction has ended, informing you that you've won the auction and a link to make payment. Please check junk and spam if you do not receive any emails regarding the auction after placing a

How long do I have to make payment after I win?

After winning an auction (Congrats), you will have until midnight of the day you won the auction to make payment after the auction ends. If you haven't manually checked out your winning bid/s by midnight, our auto-payment feature will attempt to take

What happens if the winner of the auction fails to make payment?

As per our Terms of Auction policy, if a winning bid has not been purchased within the advertised payment period and our auto-payment feature has failed to take payment, our system will flag this and suspensions may be placed on your account. If your

How can I place a Proxy bid?

In order to place a Proxy Bid, the bid will have to be equal to, or greater than the following formula: Current Bid + (2 x Incremental Bid)For example:Current bid - £42Incremental bid for £30 to £50 - £3Minimum bid to be considered proxy - £42 + (2 x

What is Popcorn Bidding?

Popcorn Bidding is a system that is applied to all our auctions. If a bid is placed in the final 5 minutes of an auction, Popcorn Bidding will be activated and the auction end date will be extended. This prevents sniping and allows everyone an opport

How will I know if it's a marketplace listing?

There are two simple ways to identify a Marketplace listing:. 1. Look for the Marketplace Listing logo: Once on a listing page, you can easily spot a Marketplace listing by the presence of our distinctive logo in the top right-hand corner of the list